Monday, December 5, 2011

The final book in the "Raw Claiming" series is out now.

"Raw Want" blurb:

Yuri, Jed, and Lucas claim Ruth as their woman after rescuing her. The men demonstrate their love for her by helping her to prepare herself for the dangers and stress of their journey. Can the foursome learn to become a unit, while searching for more survivors? Weeks of searching reveal no survivors and no clean water either. How can people live under such conditions? Mind-blowing orgasms form a contrast to days of fear and tension. Will their travels cement their relationship or drive them farther apart than ever? Is shared danger and awesome sex enough of a foundation on which to build a long-term relationship?


“I guess this is where we go to bed then,” she said softly.
Yuri and Jed came over and pressed against her, too. “We’ll make it very, very good for you,” said Yuri.
“That’s a promise,” added Jed.
“Lots of orgasms for our woman.” That was Lucas.
“I’m sorry we can’t wine you, and dine you, and strew the bed with rose petals,” said Jed.
“But although romantic isn’t possible, we’ll do our best to make the sex mind-blowing. Definitely three orgasms, one from each of us,” said Yuri.
“So who’s first?” she asked.
“Oh this’ll be a team effort all the way. We’re from Team K, and Team K is the best.” Lucas picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. “You still don’t weigh enough, woman. We’ll have to keep feeding you,” he grumbled.
“I’m a lot shorter than you, so of course I’m lighter.”
Two very large hands cupped her breasts. “There’s weight right here where a man likes it. I love the way you fill my hands,” said Yuri.
Cream dripped from Ruth’s pussy onto her little satin panties. His husky, sexy voice was as exciting as his words.
“I’m glad you’re not disappointed,” she murmured.
“You’ll never disappoint us. We were all thrilled when we saw you. We all knew you were ours, and you were just a stick figure then, with eyes glowing in your face and a mouth that didn’t stop,” said Jed in a doting tone.
“All that fire burning out of a little bit of nothing,” added Lucas. “So fierce and brave.”
While they were talking, they’d settled her on the bed with Lucas still holding her. Jed was undressing very quickly, and Yuri had simply dropped his towel, revealing himself to be naked underneath it.
Yuri took Ruth from Lucas, and Lucas slid off the bed and started stripping his clothes off. Ruth found her gaze flicking from man to man. From Lucas’s fine brown chest hair, to Yuri’s wide cock, standing out of its blond nest of curls. From Jed toeing his boots off, to Yuri’s big strong hands on her arms.
She wanted this. Oh yes, she wanted this. She wanted a red-hot, thorough loving. She wanted them all in her, one at a time, or all at once, or however they chose. And she wanted it all right now!
She flashed her naughtiest look at Yuri and Jed then spoke to Lucas. “So are we going to wait for them, or shall we get started?”

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Book 1: "Raw Craving"

Book 2 : "Raw Need"

Berengaria Brown